Monday, January 19, 2009

Blockbuster Europeans

Tonight I had another Wine Library specialty: Godello. I had seen this when Gary Vaynerchuk tasted it on episode #554 and I was intrigued. Not only is Godello a special grape, but it was also a good buy. The bottle only cost $10. Upon my pilgrimage to the Wine Library, I knew I had to buy at least one bottle. As a CKC (College Kid Crew), this was a good buy. Plus, I like drinking esoteric wines. This fit the bill on both counts. Now for some fun facts. Godello is a Spanish white wine grape from Valdeorras, just north of Albariño country in Rías Baixas. A versatile grape, it can be aged in stainless steel (for cripsness) or in oak (for a creamier taste).

I had the 2007 Vadesil Montenovo Godello. The wine was pale gold. The Godello smelled like a whole basket of cut up lemons (with a few grapefruits in there for good measure), plus a briny smell, like dried seaweed on the shoreline. It tasted like lemons, sugarcane, grass, and it had a nice long finish with some white floral components. This is an extremely well crafted wine; although it has 13.5% alcohol, I could not taste the heat. Also, I had been expecting an extremely acidic wine, something that would need food to accompany it. However, it had a medium weight and a nice balance of acidity and sweetness which makes it an ideal party wine. (As a side note, I served this at Thanksgiving and it was a big hit. Regular wine drinkers and newbies alike were impressed. Needless to say, the bottle was emptied quickly.)

This Godello is the Kate Winslet of wines. No matter if you're a connoisseur or not, you can appreciate the power of her acting. You know you're watching an amazing performance- Winslet always brings it to the table and she's versatile. Mushiness in "Titanic," comedy in "The Holiday," zest for life (eventually) in "Little Children." No matter the role, Winslet delivers and captures her audience. This Godello acts in the same way, bringing together wine novices and neophytes- quite the blockbuster.


  1. Great job Kristen...I don't drink whites often, but I'll try this.

  2. Excellent to hear! Expanding your palate is what it's all about Drew!