Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Common Denominator Between Eastern Europe and Anna Torv: Furmint and "Fringe"

Today I had a treat of a wine. I found this bottle at the Wine Library in Springfield, NJ when I went to tape a show with Gary Vaynerchuk, gregarious and hilarious host of Wine Library TV. First off, the Wine Library is a mecca for anyone who enjoys going to wine shops (like this wine nerd). If you're in the area (dirty Jerse, just east of NYC), then make a trip. It's certainly worth it not only for the wine, but the amazing cheese and gourmet foods. Anywho, let's get to the wine.

I tasted the 2005 Château Imperial Furmint Dry. It was a Gary Vee show that let me know this varietal even existed and that it was available as a still wine. Here's some more information on Furmint. When I visited, I made sure that I bought a bottle of this as it's practically impossible to find chez moi. The color was of pale straw, similar to a sauvignon blanc or pinot gris. It smelled of a motor shop (nice petrol components), lots of honey, and pretty white flowers. The Château Imperial tasted sweet and creamy at first, with an extraordinary lime component at the midpalate and finished with a good kick of acidity and some more honey. It reminded me of some good Alsatian Riesling with the acidity and honey elements, although it lacks that minerality that I love so much from Alsace.

This wine has character and solid backbone. This made me like it quite a bit. When I think of this Furmint, I think of Olivia Dunham in "Fringe." Don't be fooled- there's a lot behind this woman and she'll let you know it too. Steely resolve, challenges authority. There's a lot to be said of a supposedly "weak" exterior. It can certainly fool your enemies or detractors. But then they'd just be fools.

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